Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I was totally pissed with how this game turned out to be. I mean, true enough the graphics are amazing but how the game is played? Totally screwed me.

The game is described as free to play but it turns out, only the Bloody Knight is free for the whole game. When I selected the Shadow Assassin, there was no message that this was only free for the weekend. I was surprised to find out by Monday why I had to pay for my character to be unlocked.

Then the maker, Defiant said that there was a label in the Google Play page that said that character was on free trial only for the weekend. Now where did they place that message. If it was on top of the description, it would have easily been seen. I bet they purposely put it at the bottom where nobody cares to read anything because users have to click on the MORE button to read more of the description.

Just like how marketing works. Deceptive.

I don’t mind the in-app purchasing for gold but forcing users to purchase characters and not informing them about it before they even start playing the game? That is just bad.

While I enjoyed playing the game, this character in-app deception was what really annoyed me. If you are reading this, only choose BLOODY KNIGHT to play the whole game for free (as what Defiant told me when I emailed them).

As to how to play the game, if you have played Diablo or the Dungeon Hunter games from Gameloft, it is more or less the same. They even have some gesture moves that makes the character do their special power ups.

The graphics are detailed and crisp, the environments are reused in most cases but this is nothing to complain considering the relatively mild file size of the game overall.

Just make sure you choose Bloody Knight if you want to play the whole game for free or else you will end up bloody annoyed when you find out later on your character is locked and you need to purchase it in order to unlock it.

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