A few days ago, when I read the headline of an article that Google surpassed Apple as the most valuable brand in the world, it did not surprise me. They were bound to catch up sooner or later.

Google has been innovating so many different things. While Apple? It cannot be denied that they were the first who took the bold step in producing touch screen devices but after that, they have been in a slow pace.

People keep saying because Steve Jobs had passed away that Apple has not been innovating after that. I do not agree.

Just like how computers came to be, the models have been the same ever since. Only the hardware kept upgrading.

This is the same case as smartphones and tablets and Apple has been stuck with these products.

True, they have made millions because of them but again, Google has many newer things and it is only fitting that their stock value rose up.

Congratulations Google! Here is hoping those exaggerated overpriced price tags of Apple devices go down. Not now for sure but in the long run, that could happen.


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