broken iPhoneWe’ve all been there. You’re trying to take a picture of your friends. You’re leaning awkwardly to the right in order to take the perfect selfie. You lean a little bit too far forward with your iphone in your pocket.

Or, you are multitasking while talking on the phone…
You think to yourself, this a GREAT selfie, or you’re getting two things done at once! …Then BAM!! The screen of your iPhone breaks from the impact of it smashing into the ground! Of course it lands right on the corner and of course the glass completely spider webs into seemingly a million tiny little cracks.

The common response to an iPhone screen breaking is to simply cut your loses and to go out and purchase a new iPhone. But those days are over! Why waste your money on a brand new iPhone when you can just get the screen replaced.

Replacing Your Broken iPhone Screen

There are multiple ways that you can go about getting your iPhone screen replaced or repaired. This is the only real decision that you have to make as it’ll save you time and possibly hassle. You’ll see what I mean.
The DIY Fix

broken iPhone
The first option that you have is mainly for tech or do it yourself (Yes, DIY) people. It is very complicated and if you are unsuccessful, you’ll no longer have an iphone that works at all.
Forget about the just the screen being broken, chances are you’ll have an entire broken iphone. So make sure that if you choose this option, that you truly are a tech savvy or DIY type of person.

Yes, as you’ve already figure out, I am talking about fixing the iPhone screen yourself. There are websites and online stores across the web that sell brand new iPhone screens. You just have to look up the type of iPhone that you have and order the new iPhone screen accordingly.

But beware! Different cell phone carriers use different iPhone screens that are not interchangeable. So make sure you are purchasing the correct iPhone screen for your model iPhone as well as for you correct carrier. Otherwise, you are going to be stuck with an iPhone in a bunch of little pieces with a screen that doesn’t fit. Let’s be real, none of us want that.

iPhone Screen Repair Companies

This option is a much better option for most people. It is a lot easier, is still a lot cheaper than buying a new iPhone and is incredibly easy. Anyone can do it. Yes, I am talking about hiring an iPhone screen repair company company.

There are iPhone repair companies all over the United States. But many of them operate in different ways. You’ll find the national companies online where you can send in your iphone and they will replace the screen and mail the iPhone back to you. That is a good option if you do not have any local iPhone screen repair companies.

Then there are stores that will replace your iphone screen for you. You just have to bring it in and drop it off with them. Then either wait for them to complete the repair or come back at a later date and pick up your iPhone. This is a good option, however, for many of us, it is very inconvenient if not nerve racking to be without our phones for any period of time not to mention an extended period of time. But if this is your only alternative, then I still recommend it.

The last option to get your iphone screen repaired professionally for you is the best one but is only available in certain metropolitan areas. This service is incredible convenient and very fast. I am talking about iPhone repair companies that will actually travel to your home, your work, or wherever you need them and repair your iPhone screen right there on the spot.

There is one company that has been doing on site iPhone screen repair for years now in New York City called Gotham Iphone. You can visit them at If you live in New York City, then this is the best option for you if you have an iPhone with a cracked or broken screen. They will travel to you in order to repair your iPhone for you anywhere in NYC.

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