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One of the well known features in a working environment is its ability to be able to use themes. However, the most common problem is it is hard to make on. You would have to be familiar with the inner workings of that environment.

Take for example a web browser. Whether it is Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome, it is not easy to make a theme unless you know how it works beneath it all. This is the first time though, that I came across a service that lets you design and build themes for your web browser easily.

Brand Thunder has a browser theme building portal where you can Create your own browser theme for your favorite browsers with some clicks and drags. You do not have to know the inner code that makes it work with the browser. Everything is presented to you visually and it handles the rest in creating your theme.

And I am saying “easy” because I tried it myself. If you do not like any of the pre-defined images supplied there, you can easily upload one of your own. That is how flexible it is. I am not that much of a tech junkie but since I was able to make one without any bottlenecks, I am sure that you can easily make one too.

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If you are one of the handfuls left using the Internet Explorer browser from Microsoft, then it is time to update your browser to the latest version. Microsoft has launched the finished version of its Internet Explorer 9 web browser.

The company said IE9’s graphics handling, security and privacy features put it on an even footing with Firefox, Chrome, Safari and others. The release comes as Microsoft’s browser market share is being whittled down by a growing roster of rivals.

Competition is also coming from non-browser traffic generated by mobile phones and tablets. Microsoft said one key feature in IE9 was tools to stop people being tracked as they move from site to site. This information is often gathered by commercial firms to tailor ads to the specific habits of web users.

In addition, said Microsoft, separate tools in IE9 keep an eye on downloads so they can spot when viruses and trojans try to sneak onto a computer.

IE9 also has hardware acceleration built in so it can call on the power of a PC’s graphics card to display sites in more detail.

The launch comes at a critical time for Microsoft as, one survey suggests, its Internet Explorer browser is suffering a long-term decline.

Just got some good news from Google’s Blog. Google Chrome 10 is now available! Just three weeks ago, a speedy Chrome beta was released and today, these speed improvements are available in the new version. With today’s stable release, your most complex web apps will run more quickly and responsively in the browser.

Chrome’s new settings interface will help you get to the right settings quickly so you don’t have to dig endlessly to find a way to import your bookmarks or change your browser’s homepage. A search box is added that shows you the settings you are looking for, as you type.

On top of that, you can also copy and paste a direct link into Chrome’s address bar to jump to a specific settings page. No more long, frustrating phone conversations with your dad on where to find that specific setting in the browser! Check out this video for a demo.

For those of you who save your passwords in the browser, you can now quickly log on to the websites you frequent even when you switch computers, by simply synchronizing those passwords across your computers. You can also encrypt those passwords with your own secret passphrase for extra security.

To enable sync on each of your computers, visit the “Personal Stuff” section in Chrome’s settings (or just type “sync” in the settings search box). You can also choose to sync bookmarks, extensions, preferences, themes and more.

You will be even safer as you speed around the web, as the sandboxing technology was extended to the integrated Flash Player in Chrome. So if you are using Windows Vista or newer versions, you will benefit from the additional layer of protection against malicious webpages.

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