buckdropI have a buy me a beer / coffee plugin for wordpress but my blogger blogs do not have one so I thought about scouring the net to look for one. I came across some that required you to place a code and changing some values.

I did not like it though because it would not let me save the blog’s template because of some format problem. I could not understand what the problem was so I tried to look for other alternatives. Luckily, I came across Buckdrop.

There is no registration necessary. Just fill out a form like your PayPal email address and a few clicks here and there with the options and you will be given a generated URL. You can use that URL to place it within your blogger template.

Make sure enable widget is checked then look for the code

. Place your buy me link below that, then save. Now you have that buy me link after every post in your blog. Pretty simple and straightforward. The only downside to this though, is if Buckdrop’s site is down. But well, I bet that rarely happens.

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