canvas_systemsNowadays, companies find ways to reduce costs and still get the right service in return. Do you think buying brand new systems equipment is the answer? We all know that in time, these such systems can become old and slow when compared with the latest in technology today. I have come across a company that actually reduces costs by offering refurbished servers, third party maintenance and the likes and addresses the issue of hiring expensive consulting firms.

Called Canvas Systems, its core services include IT rentals, IT leasing, IT maintenance, disaster recovery, data center migration, supply chain solutions and even asset disposition.

If you feel your systems inventory has met its end and use, they do not have to go to waste. Canvas Systems can help you get the best turns on your assets based on its value. It is a win-win situation for both of you. If you feel the need to clear your company information when you are ready to dispose your assets, their certified data erasure program protects it from falling into the wrong hands. This means that Canvas Systems also ensures security with its clients as well.

And the best part in my opinion is the lifetime warranty that they offer with regards to their equipments. You can return it to them anytime and they will repair it or even better, replace it. Check them out!

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