I came across a lightweight and simple solitaire app in the Google Play Store called DroidGOX Solitaire Card Games. It is an app that is still growing as the developer adds new games from time to time.


What I like about this app is that while some of them features well known solitaire games like Pyramid, Tower of Hanoi and Clock Patience Solitaire, there are also other unique card games that are simple to play yet quite interesting in some ways.


Even better is the fact that the game integrates Google Play leaderboards so you can challenge your score and time against other players around the world.

A very simple game app that does not use any complex graphics engine to play. Give it a go with the free app. Although the paid version removes the ads, the free version alone is not bad since the ads do not overlap the game area that sometimes can hinder players from having a good time playing.

Its compact user interface enables users to easily switch to a new game in just one screen. What’s more. To keep you occupied and playing the variety of solitaire and miscellaneous card games, there are also achievements to be unlocked if you accomplish some goals.

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