Millions of people around the world have a real passion for technology and gadgets, spending hours on a daily basis either working with the latest innovations or playing with them.

Look around you now, you’re possibly reading this post on a smartphone or tablet computer, two of the most in-demand products in the world right now which have taken years of development and will only continue to improve as technology evolves.

But this requires new people to move into the technology industries, something many people who are “obsessed” with gadgets don’t do. Instead they find themselves a career in something else and become downhearted and demotivated by work they don’t enjoy.

With so many people around the world currently looking for work or trying to find a new career for a fresh start, it’s amazing just how many people avoid making the move into a profession based around something they’re passionate about.

There are numerous careers based around technology and it really can be quite startling just how many people think you’re a professional gamer or “in I.T.” and that’s it for tech careers. There are far more out there, take these three for examples:

Web designer/developer
If you’re the sort of person who spends their time working on your own or a friend’s website, exchange the endless cups of tea for regular cash. People and businesses all over the country, continent, and whole world are looking for talented web designers and developers who have the ability to create high quality websites and fix any issues they may have, and by putting your knowledge and passion into practice you could be doing something you enjoy for a living from the comfort of your own home in some cases.

Games designer
If like most gamers you’ve sat there and questioned why a certain game works the way it does and discussed how it can be made better with friends, then moving into the designing and development of computer games is something you could definitely try your hand at. Rather than sitting there looking for jobs in Northampton in the UK, you could be working in some of the biggest cities in the
world with companies who have huge budgets to make the next Gran Turismo or Call of Duty.

For many companies, the aim is to be ranked as highly as possible by the search engines, subsequently increasing their brand visibility and profits. One of the best ways of doing this is by search engine optimization, working with the guidance of the search engine algorithms to ensure that the website is viewed as favourably as possible. If you enjoy working on things like link building and meta, then this is a great career move and an industry that’s on the up.

This article was written by Matt Rawlings, a freelance technology blogger looking to give people advice on the best gadgets and careers in the industry.

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