Stalking a celebrity can be a shady area. With the latest technology and vast wealth of information online, your secret obsession can be easily stalked from the privacy of your own home.

With social websites such as Facebook and Twitter, one can conveniently be updated on a celebrity’s happenings and whereabouts, but there are other not so known ways to get even more information on your celebrity crush. Below are four great resources for fulfilling the needs of even the most celebrity-obsessed individuals.

Remember, just because they are celebrities under the spotlight doesn’t mean they do not cherish their privacy, so keeping a respectful distance is always recommended.

Zimbio: The Ultimate Online Celebrity Stalker Resource

Zimbio is like heaven for the celebrity obsessed. They have the largest online celebrity photo collection as well as gossip, entertainment news and anything else pop culture related. Zimbio makes online celebrity stalking a one-stop shop where you can search for a particular celebrity and they will provide virtually every bit of information available from all of their different hairstyles to the most recent pictures available anywhere. You can even play celebrity games and take part in entertainment polls.

TMZ: Let Celebrity Stalkers Do the Stalking for You

TMZ on TV has a large following, but the TMZ website has loads of celebrity information available to the internet user 24 hours a day. They always seem to get exclusive information and like Zimbio, you can search through celebrity profiles to find specialized news and gossip.

Co-founded by Harvey Levin in 2005, TMZ has since gone on to include a successful television show and TMZ Live, a live chat program that takes place Monday through Friday on the TMZ website.

The Real Estalker: Celebrity Real Estate

A blogger slightly obsessed with celebrity real estate known simply as Your Mama, operates a popular blog named the Real Estalker. Here you can find out all the real estate transactions of the rich and famous and even take a look inside some of their extravagant homes.

A simple search into the archive will deliver virtually any celebrity’s purchased or sold homes with interior and exterior pictures included. Although the exact addresses are not supplied, the general area is, so one could have a very good idea of where their favorite celebrities rest their heads at night.

Wikimapia: A Bird’s Eye View

For a more exact location of your favorite celebrity’s house, you can use Wikimapia, a wiki site that utilizes Google Maps and pinpoints places of interest, like a celebrity mansion. The authenticity can be questioned as anybody can add to the map with a few clicks of the mouse, but it is still fun searching through all of the beautiful homes.

Aside from celebrity homes Wikimapia also highlights restaurants, entertainment venues and pretty much everything you could think of, allowing users to really get great look at an area without actually being there.

Online Celebrity Stalking on the Move

Since you can’t just sit on the computer all day stalking your favorite celebrity, a user can easily surf the web with prepaid cell phones and keep up on their favorite celebrity obsessions. TMZ even has a mobile app available on the App Store and Google play for the ultimate in celebrity stalking convenience.

In a world where celebrities are more popular than the president, it is easier than ever before to keep up on all of the latest entertainment news. Several television shows are dedicated to pop culture gossip and it seems like a new celebrity is getting their own reality show every other month.

However, with a little bit of know-how and knowing the right places to look, an internet user can virtually learn every aspect of their favorite celebrity’s life without leaving the comfort of their own bedroom.

There is a big difference from searching for all of the latest news on your favorite celebrity and showing up outside their house uninvited, please respect the privacy of others.

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