According to an AOL/ survey, employees admit to using work computers for personal use an average of around 2 hours per day. They say that businesses lose big because of the amount of time being abused not related to work.

However, I have to say that even the CEO does crap related to personal use. Now, as the owner of the company you may want to monitor their activities if you are the traditional type of person who wants people to work like robots ensuring that every minute is used for work and not something else.

Yes, there are free software that can monitor reports in any Internet related activities like website usage, chat logs and others but they are pretty limited. If you want the detailed stuffs, you have to invest even just a little.

For starters, you can check My PC Reports. It provides daily, time based reports that detail all application and website usage on monitored computers. These reports indicate how much time each employee spends on every program and the documents and websites they look at.

Reports feature graphical charts, detailed views of top 3 usage areas and online archive access enables you to look at the history of an employee’s Internet habits. For as low as $10 each month, sign up now!

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