Now this is annoying. I have not had luck integrating my licensing scheme to my Android app the whole day. I guess I am going to call it a night. If any Android developer manages to come to this post, do share your thoughts on what other things I can do to make it work.

I’ve read that this is a known issue for platform 2.3.3 and works on 2.2 (minimum Google API 2.2 Level 8). I did just that but still, the error persists whenever I run my app in the emulator. So in short, I am lost. Users say it works in 2.2 level 8 but why would not it work in my emulator?

And yes, the permission tag is in my manifest file. So there. I am out of ideas. If you do have some tips that can help me make this work, do post your comments here.

One more thing. This problem goes hand in hand with that iLicensingService not found exception message.

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