Or so Proview Technology Co. Ltd., the company suing Apple for copyright infringement, with them saying they own the rights to the iPad name in the country. The company, which is based in the southern city of Shenzhen, registered the iPad trademark in January 2000 and still owns the rights to its use in China, citing government archives.

The two companies held talks previously over the transfer of the trademark but had failed to reach an agreement. The reasonable price of the iPad trademark now stood at $US800 million ($A814.17 million). Wow! That is awfully huge! This is big money we are talking about considering Apple’s standing in the tech industry and its hot sales on its “i” lineup of gadgets and devices.

How this will pan out should be interesting. Will Apple give in to Proview’s demands? Or will Proview do something else that Apple may find not favorable to them? Share your thoughts.

Police in China shut down what officials think was the largest training Web site for computer hackers. The Black Hawk Safety Net offered lessons on cyber attacks and sold Trojan software, which allows outside access to a computer when remotely installed, media reports said.

Police arrested three people who ran the Web site and charged 100 to 200 yuan ($14 to $29) for lessons, the China Daily newspaper said. Established in 2005, the site had recruited more than 12,000 paid and 170,000 free members and collected more than 7 million yuan ($1.02 million) in membership fees, the reports said.

Authorities were tipped off to its existence while investigating a cyber attack in 2007. Some suspects arrested in that case were members of Black Hawk. The suspects in the Black Hawk case were arrested under a law revised last year in response to cyber crimes. News from CNN.

I believe the authorities should now make a strong effort and organize a group or department solely for hunting down possible hacking related sites. While sometimes hacking has its good sides, majority of its use is intended for negative purposes.

mouseTaskcity is one of those outsourcing platforms that provide management services. It also offers a new trend of outsourcing market providing business between buyers and I.T. specialists all over the world. You can post ideas and tasks for others and they can be seen and be bid by others.

One of its features is its project management services to help you manage your project in a free flowing manner. A dedicated project management team to guarantee a hassle free experience, extensive pre-screened provider database and free online project management and quality assurance tools are just some of the other features you can find in Taskcity.

We all know people go for free so I am going to describe a little each of the main core of features that Taskcity provides which are free namely project requirement analysis, consulting service, project management tools, collaboration and quality assurance tools.

Project requirement analysis – instead of trying to do everything yourself: thinking, brainstorming, decisions and all, Taskcity has tools that will get you up and running to setting up your project requirements right away.

Consulting service – they have live consultants on hand to answer your every need. Email sometimes takes time, well can mostly take time and at times we do not have all the time in the world to wait to get an answer. Hence you can talk with live consultants real time.

Project management tools – these are very important as it eases handling of projects. Organized scheduling and management can lead to good results.

Quality assurance tools – there never is a perfect outcome on the first try. That is why quality assurance is very important to ensure that the finished product is error free and Taskcity’s quality assurance tools are just the right tools for the job.

If you think these features are all flukes, check out the companies that use Taskcity. Companies like CubeHead, Digital China, Blackbox, PHP.CN, Athenar, China Wind, PHP China, Glooso and Aoxue are just some of the companies that make good use and maximize the power of the features that Taskcity offers.

Best of all, joining is free as are most of its services. Add-ons will require additional fees to give you better service . To get you started, just post your project online and start experiencing their services for free. Check out the site to see a list of which services are free and which are add-ons.

Think outsourcing? Think Taskcity!

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