This post has nothing related to technology. It is Christmas after all so I want to great all readers and visitors a Merry Christmas to you! Enjoy the Holidays!

Got a gift for tech? Nothing fancy. Although if you plan to donate a little to this blog, it will be greatly appreciated. However, it does not have to be money at all. Here is a few things that you can do as a gift for this tech blog of mine.

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Or, you can do all of them ;). I want to thank all the visitors and those who regularly check my blog for any new tidbits. Enjoy the long vacation everybody!

Christmas is just around the corner and I am sure that many people now are starting to scramble to buy gifts to avoid the holiday rush. But this is where the beauty of the Internet lies. Rather than force yourself to join in on long queues in department stores or entangle yourself during the Holiday rush, you can avoid these and shop online instead.

When I give Christmas gifts, it should usually be something unique. Something unusual. Something that the recipient will not expect. For some unusual and unique gadgets and gifts, I recommend you try out I Want One Of Those. It is an online marketplace offering gadgets and devices and gifts for all occasions. There is also this perk of buying things online: they tend to be cheaper compared to what you can find in retail stores.

Each item is displayed in detail complete with visual photos, description, features, ratings and reviews contributed by other members so you will have firsthand ideas about the product itself. When I navigating around the site, it was a breeze. I actually found the item I was looking for in a few seconds. Everything is categorized in a way that makes finding the item you are looking for with ease.

If you have doubts with this site, check out the number of accolades they have accomplished over the years: Hitwise top 10 website, winner of 5 national customer service awards plus operating for 10 years and counting. That says a lot on where they stand selling their products. And the most compelling part? Being good with customer service. That alone will keep loyal customers.

So just in time for the Holidays, visit the site now and browse through hundreds of unique products. I know your recipient will want one of those gifts for him orĀ gifts for her ;).

xmasipodI wish to greet all my readers a Merry Christmas! I am currently on vacation so I have been rather quiet for a bit. But that does not stop me from greeting every one of you. Next week, I will be picking a winner from the list of subscribers in my RSS feed and from Google Friend Connect. The winner will receive a license key of Audials One which is a great tool for getting music and movies to your PC.

If you subscribed to my RSS and connected my blog in Google Friend Connect, you automatically get 2 entries for this. For those who have not done so, be sure to subscribe and connect to be able to get a chance to win. I will pick 1 random winner from among the list.

So, aside from that, did you get any tech gadgets for Christmas? I wish. Lol. Keep you people posted. Merry Christmas again!

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