chromeosGoogle unveiled more details on its Chrome OS, a lightweight, browser-based operating system for netbooks. They said that the OS will boot for at most 7 seconds which is blazingly fast if you ask me. What I am really impressed with is that there would be no more need for hard disk drives since they will rely on non-volatile flash memory and Internet-based storage for saving all of your data.

The Chrome OS is being distributed as open source, however, the full OS cannot be downloaded and is only available in any Chrome OS device. And the Chrome OS netbooks itself will be stored in non-volatile flash memory which helps loading up the OS quickly.

This is pretty neat for not so techie users as they do not have to worry about anything like viruses. Google will handle everything for you. Is this the end for the hard disk drive? I do not think so. I am pretty sure there will still be many people who would want a hard disk drive in their laptop to store other kinds of files like movies and music ;).

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