Caching can be annoying especially when you are doing development work for a project. But in Google Chrome, there is a way for you to disable caching while the developer tools window is open.

Simple go to :

  • More tools
  • Choose Developer Tools
  • Click the wheel setting icon on the far right
  • Click the option Disable cache (while DevTools is open)

That’s it!

GWT‘s Same Origin Policy (SOP) problem is common especially for newbies. This happens if your GWT front end client accesses a remote service that is hosted in the same local domain in your PC but having a different port.

Browsers still considers this a violation of the SOP policy. I have read that Internet Explorer has a lax web security policy so you may be able to use that without encountering this restriction. However, Internet Explorer sucks and Firefox is just too damn heavy to load even with just one tab.

So I am left with Google Chrome. You can run Google Chrome with web security disabled but I would advise you to create it as a shortcut in Windows and create an alias in Mac OS. Here is how I did them.


  1. right click anywhere on your desktop, choose New > Shortcut
  2. then type this in the text field C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe –allow-file-access-from-files –disable-web-security
  3. click OK


  1. open Terminal
  2. edit your .profile file
  3. add this to the end of the file alias chromegwt=’/Applications/Google\\ Chrome –disable-web-security’
  4. save file
  5. close Terminal window or open a new Terminal window tab then type chromegwt and you should then see Google Chrome launch without web security.

Note: you can rename it any name you want. I just used chromegwt so I would know that this Chrome is used only for GWT purposes.

Remember not to use this same browser when browsing the web as it can lead to disastrous results.

Amid the excitement after I learned that this game went public, I almost forgot to blog about it.

Now you can play Angry Birds within the Chrome browser. I was impressed when I checked the game out. Man, how did they manage to make this one? And within Google Chrome itself. I am not sure if my laptop is slow or the game eats up humongous resources because the game tends to lag at some points while loading and even during game play.

Still, this is one impressive game I tell you. Just like in the original Angry Bird games in other consoles. And if you want to get on to the hard levels right away, someone just hacked it after the game went public after a few hours. You just need to paste some Javascript code in the address bar of your browser to unlock and lock the levels.

Check it out and let me know what you think. If you have not played Angry Birds yet, then here is your chance now. It is free after all. The game comes in both SD and HD version so pick your option.

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