tweetdeckThe only thing I could do with Twitter was post shout outs and that was it. I wondered how messages that start with @ can be composed and how a direct message can be sent. Even when I saw some direct messages in my Twitter account, clicking on it will not show them. I was really clueless how they work. When I chanced upon TweetDeck, this was just the application that I was looking for.

See all live Twitter postings in real time, and reply to them with a click of the reply button found when you hover your mouse cursor on the Twitter user’s avatar. You can also send direct messages using the application. TweetDeck was compiled using Adobe Air so it is pretty lightweight.

You can add more than 1 Twitter account and view all your followers’ postings. Tabs arrange alerts like direct messages, shout-outs, mentions and recommendations.┬áBecause of TweetDeck I finally appreciated Twitter’s features without having to refresh my browser over and over for updates.

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