Recently, I had been getting quite a lot of comment spam in my WordPress blogs. At first I thought that they were merely legit comments as they did not get posted by the numbers. A few days after that I noticed the activity seemed to be increasing … and getting worse.

I had to find an alternative to combat the problem. While reading through Google’s search results, I noticed the word CAPTCHA. Doh! Why did I not think of that right away? So I looked for the best CAPTCHA WordPress plugin available but I ended up with a plugin that does not use CAPTCHA instead.

WP Captcha-Free blocks automated comment spam without resorting to CAPTCHAs. It does so by validating a hash based on time (and some other parameters) using AJAX when the form is posted. Comments posted via automated means will not have a hash or will have an expired hash and will be rejected. Unlike using a captcha, this does not place any burden on the commenter.

Too techie? Well, just so you know after I installed it, I have not received those annoying spam comments anymore. Great plugin by iDope. Oh yeah, it’s free! 😉

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