A large majority of smaller businesses are largely unfamiliar with the concept of Cloud Computing Services. Basically put, cloud computing is a general blanket term applied to anything that delivers hosting services via the Internet. It covers three basic services:

Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS)

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Each of these approaches to services has been primarily up to the business or site owner to supply. Depending on need and depth of services, online companies have relied on all of their own investment and infrastructure for their various digital needs. This could mean anything from supplying the computing power to running complex programing to security protection.

This isn’t to say that cloud computing is a resource strictly for larger companies. With different cost options, per-month services, usage, and contract options, smaller businesses, blogs, and sites have found the many benefits of utilizing these services to help them grow and remain competitive in the online business world. You can increase your processing capabilities and expand your services through secure remote locations that will give you the resources to expand and diversify your venture as the owner sees fit.

The “cloud” is pretty much a metaphor for the Internet works very similarly to the apps that you use on any digital device. You can’t run all of these complex programs directly from your phone’s hard drive. The programs are too large and complex. Mobile devices can remotely access applications so it can free up your phone to do other things besides spending all of its computing power on running a large array of applications. Through the cloud, companies can abandon the need for on-site servers and huge IT departments given the task of constantly maintaining and troubleshooting your IT infrastructure.

The ability to upgrade and expand services have been made that much more affordable to anyone, regardless of the goal, need, or size of your business. Until now, one of the greatest expenses of having an online business was the various IT and server needs. Much of this has been done through in-house services, but the cloud helps businesses maintain and upgrade automatically. This gives businesses the ability to concentrate their efforts towards their business rather than spending all of their time maintaining their infrastructure. Now you can simply tap into cloud services and get the same capabilities as any larger online company.

Having these cloud services isn’t essential at the moment, but it is the future of computing services. These remote locations will be used by an increasing number of individuals and will become the best and most cost-effective way at running a business without all of the extra costs. Consider cloud services in your long-term strategy to grow your online business and remain competitive in an every changing market.

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