Piracy is illegal hence software companies go to great lengths to ensure that their software products cannot be reproduced illegally. Software protection, also known as content protection, copy obstruction, copy prevention and copy restriction refer to techniques used for preventing the reproduction of software.

Nobody wants their software hacked or cracked. I am sure if you make a product yourself, that you would feel negatively in a bad way since you put a lot of effort into creating a good software, only to be hacked, redistributed and spread around illegally by hackers.

There are already software protection products that are on sale but chances are some of them still get hacked. There are others though that have yet to be hacked and that is where you should start looking if you plan to get a software protection product.

From a technical standpoint, it would seem theoretically impossible to completely prevent users from making copies of softwares. Yet, even though you cannot possibly win this battle, the only thing left for you to do is to try and prevent it as much as possible.

Thanks to software protection systems, it can prevent that from escalating into something much worse. Software anti-tamper methods are used to safeguard license protection and license management.

Google claims that Microsoft’s search engine Bing is copying results from their search engine. Suspicious of their new rival, Google engineers set up random results on their site for a series of unlikely search terms, such as “hiybbprqag.” (Google arranged for the nonsense word to point to a Los Angeles theater seating plan on its search engine).

Within a couple weeks of starting their experiment, the inserted results started appearing in Bing as claimed by Google. They said it welcomed honest competition, but sneered at Bing’s “recycled search results from a competitor.”

Bing did not deny that it took Google into account when producing its own search results, but suggested they were only one factor among many. They also accused Google in turn of a “spy-novelesque stunt” that would only affect very unusual search term.

Each company develops its own search algorithms, and the quality of the results depends on them, making them the key to a search engine’s effectiveness.

Bing gets “a small piece” of the data for its algorithm “from some of our customers, who opt-in to sharing anonymous data as they navigate the web in order to help us improve the experience for all users,” Shum said, saying many internet companies used “collective intelligence” gathered online the same way.

He shrugged off Google’s sting as “a creative tactic by a competitor, and we’ll take it as a back-handed compliment.”

Still, as one commenter said, and this is a good one BING – But It Needs Google ;).


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