The cheat codes for Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction for the PSP are too unexpected to guess. Just check the codes below. Nobody would expect to increase your health, you just have to type health. Either way, here are the following cheat codes for the PSP game that can be used to help you finish the game.

To input the corresponding cheat for the code you want, go to the Main Menu and select Cheats. Then input the code you want.

  • 1 Million DNA Cash – Enter Code: cash
  • 2x Damage by AI, 1/2 Damage From Player – Enter Code: hard
  • Energy Meter Regeneration – Enter Code: energy
  • Life Meter Regeneration – Enter Code: health
  • Unlock All Levels – Enter Code: levels
  • Max Upgrades on Alien Forms – Enter Code: upgrade

When I found out there was a new Ben 10 out for the PSP, I was ecstatic! I love Ben 10 games as much as I love the cartoon show. Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction involves Ben traveling across real-world locations including Tokyo, Paris, the Great Wall of China, the Amazon Rainforest and Rome to find ancient Galvan artifacts to save the Earth from total destruction by a mysterious cosmic storm.

You get to use new aliens from the tv series although the ultimate forms in older aliens cannot be used manually. You can only use them when the game forcefully selects a certain alien to go ultimate. Then you have unlimited mana and health at your disposal to do alien moves against enemies. You only get to use 4 aliens at a time but you can change any one of them at any point in the game although I would advise you to use the recommended aliens as one or two of them are needed to finish a level.

Also, unlike in prior games where you can just run around to recharge your power and use the special moves again, this requires strategy on which alien need to use to get as much hit as possible against your enemies. Enemies with shields are hard to defeat unless you use your special moves so if you run out of them, then you would have to let them kill you and start over.

The game runs in a linear fashion where Ben’s cousin Gwen helps you around by giving you tips on what to do. The game is somewhat easy (so far) and Ben goes to room into room solving puzzles much like how Tomb Raider Anniversary is played although this game is easier.

This is the first time I played with WayBig since the main enemy in the game is an evil WayBig. Also, the game is about Ben so you cannot use either Gwen or Kevin (sucks). Still, I find this game enjoyable and very good. You should try it out if you haven’t.

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