User Cristian in the StackOverflow forum provided some code on how to get the country name based on the Location’s latitude and longitude coordinates.

While this may work at first, you might find out while testing that on the 2nd try, the GeoLocation objects produces a NullPointerException.

This is actually because the Google Maps API has a limit on free requests. If you wish to make sure your app never crashes when it checks for the country name, you will have to pay.

Google Analytics may sometimes display country data where it says (not set). According to the Google Analytics’ help section, this is what they say:

“Google Analytics uses your visitors’ IP address to determine where they are located geographically. Using a 3rd-party datasource, the IP address is translated to a physical location. In most cases, Google Analytics is able to determine where your visitors are coming from; however, if our 3rd party vendor does not have an accurate record of the IP address to determine the location, Google Analytics will display a “(not set)” entry.”

Google Checkout works great when you use it as somewhat your mode of payment. But what if you want to become a merchant? This is where it is disappointing. Only a select few countries are currently supported by this system. If your country is not supported, then the best thing you can do is go find some other merchant providers.

Google does not have a contact form for non registered merchant or buyer accounts. If you try to answer the form for sellers and buyers, who knows, maybe they won’t reply. Or maybe they do? Hah! Their reply will only be some pre-written template.

As in the case of developing applications for the Android platform, good luck. My advise will be to stop developing for Android because your apps will be worthless if you cannot even sell them. So you might say the plus side of it is that you learned coding for Android.

True, but for me, it is not worth it. I will finish this other app, then I can manually sell them here in my area since the area where I am is my target audience so I can just manually install the app to their phone and I get paid for it right away.

After that, I probably will switch to iOS so I could start learning it.

I was hoping Google provided an alternative way to accept payments like perhaps Paypal while certain countries are not supported yet but no … so it is disappointing.

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