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Technology has changed and affected our lives, even more so how we interact with everyday stuffs. Even I do not have any television at home. I mostly depend on the Internet for news and current events as well as apps in my smartphone and tablet. In today’s ever changing world, this seems like a necessity.

One of these apps that I recently downloaded for my iPad 2 is called the collection app. This app is the world’s he collection is the world’s first multilingual iPad magazine looking at all relevant angles of one topic with all media available for it like text, video audio, animation and many more.

One of the issues that I currently have interest in is the Global Baby which explores everything related to reproduction. The articles simply offer insights and even help for couples looking to have a baby. These articles come from world class editors and writers where rich media help give readers visualizations on what the topics are all about.

While the issues have just started, the upcoming ones look to be exciting. In the world of digitalization, it is very important that one gets to be updated on what is going on around the world. This is one of those apps that is a keeper.

Check the collection.

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