Changing the mouse cursor when you hover it over a Surface object in is very easy. You do not have to explicitly turn on the mouseover and mouseout events of the Surface just to change cursors.

Simply specify it within the Surface property attribute when you create a new instance of it, like this:

That’s it! When you hover your mouse cursor on the Surface object, its cursor will change. It will also change the cursor back to default when your cursor moves out of the Surface area.

Themes had definitely redefined how we want our desktops to look like and that included cursors. Yes, those mouse cursors. People who are into fantasy themes would love theseĀ runescape cursors hovering over links and windows. Get these mouse cursors for free and use it anywhere you want. Check out the site for instructions on how to install them.

They provide step by step details on how to download the mouse cursors and have them installed in your PC. Installing cursors is pretty easy but not all people are the techie type so they pretty much solved this dilemna to make sure everybody who wants to use their mouse cursors will be able to install and use them.

The site contains nothing more than cursors. It is all about them! And there are a whole lot of them too. Who knows, it may take time for you to finally decide which cursor you want installed in your PC because there are so many to choose from. Navigating across each page is pretty easy, the site looks pretty simple and orderly to surf around. The people who made this possible really have given people a treat by adding a variety of cursors for people to use and enjoy!

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