For what it is worth, D.A.R.K. by EA Sports is a very good game. One that every Android smartphone owner must have. This single player campaign pits your soldier to battle against robots, aliens and a variety of zombies. While the game play features wave after wave of enemies trying to kill you, it also features puzzles to keep things interesting.

The story of the game from EA Sports goes like this. A few days ago, the Pathfinder sent a message of support to headquarters. No one has answered that call.

The spacecraft is in an important mission to secure the future of humanity, and have lost all contact. The headquarters sends his best rescue teams to investigate.

The Earth has Marines, space has Squadron DARK After losing contact with the USS Storm Bringer, a group of elite soldiers of the Dark Squadron has been sent to investigate. You will explore the labyrinthine corridors of the supernave in this action RPG and science fiction and uncover the mystery. Fight against waves of deadly enemies, solve ingenious puzzles, and defeat the huge bosses as you discover the shocking truth about Storm Bringer.

I did manage to finish the game easily. That is because I played it in EASY mode. I think I will have a hard time finishing it under HARD difficulty. The controls are alright but I did have a hard time trying to figure out how to make sure my gun points to the enemies because when I first started playing it, I could not figure out why the gun of the DARK soldier does not aim right on the enemy.

Once I got the hang of it, it was all adrenaline gunfights.

The cutting edge 3D graphics look absolutely stunning and with a variety of armor and weapons you can buy, it is all up to you how you want to annihilate the enemies. A flame thrower perhaps? Or just a simple machine gun with unlimited ammo.

I based this code from Nir’s C# code (owner of NBD Tech). His solution was the best and accurate that I could find compared to other existing methods that checks if a Java Color object is considered dark or light. That is the only tricky part (and vital) in order to identify what foreground color (white or black) should be used depending on the background.

See image for sample:

And the Java code below.

The getBrightness() method returns a value from 0-255 where 0 is darkest and 255 is brightest. I purposely set my preferred threshold at 130 to indicate that the color be considered dark while any value above 130 is considered light. You can change your threshold to whatever value suits your taste.

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