After more than a decade and barely even using it, I finally laid to rest the worst investment of my life. My Sony DCR-IP5 camcorder.

I have to say, Sony’s MicroMV technology was a failure. At that time around the year 2000, I thought it was a hip device much like Apple’s devices are now considering that it was small and its tape was a very tiny version of the betamax.

This input medium did not last long though as the proliferation of USB drives having huge space eventually were incorporated into devices to store huge amount of music and videos so it was not surprising to me that MicroMV will eventually die.

I was actually surprised to find out that Sony stopped manufacturing MicroMV devices last 2006. RIP Sony DCR-IP5. I barely used this camcorder anyway because it was also tedious to convert it to AVI format. I was restricted to using its MovieShaker software which was already buggy to begin with.

The fact that it did not even support Adobe Premier all the more made it difficult. Sure, it supported this and a few other ULead supported software but the fad that was MicroMV already died down.

Eventually, I decided to send it to a recycle bin so that it can be discarded in an environmentally safe way.

Farewell DCR-IP5. Even though I did not get to use it that much, it did make me look hip for a few years when I used it;).

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