I forgot where I got this class from because I lost the URL source but I do remember it was from someone’s blog that also posted the same class, just a C# version to have it work with the Java class.

If anyone knows, do leave a comment so I can update the post and mention the one who made this class.

This class contains both methods to encrypt and decrypt using Triple DES.

Here is a sample code on how to use the class.

Java Cryptography classes offer a variety of ways for you to encrypt and decrypt. One of them is using Blowfish. The methods below encrypt and decrypt Strings using a String key as its secret key.

In my previous post (Encrypt Using Blowflish And Java), I talked about a way to encrypt using Blowfish in Java. To decrypt it back to its original string, use this method below. Again, part of this method’s code uses a secondary method that converts hexadecimal to binary. You can find it here.

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