This was quite an annoying experience. When I upgraded to Windows 10, I expected the same user privileges would be the same when my operating system was still Windows 7. But alas, in Windows 10, every time I run some programs, it tells me access denied.

Hell. My account is not connected to any domain network since it is just a personal PC. It is quite annoying to have to manually set the account to be part of the Administrator group.

Sure. Good for me because I know how but for those who are not technically inclined, it can be a waste of time having to find a solution how to bypass it.

So anyway, since you are here, follow these steps:

  1. Go To Run ( WinKey + R )
  2. Type “control userpasswords2”
  3. Select Your Account And Click On “Properties”
  4. Select “Group Membership” Tab
  5. Select “Administrators”
  6. Click OK And OK

That’s it!

When you inherit from any Activity class of the GreenDroid library, you can override the action bar items of the action bar by overriding the method onHandleActionBarItemClick().

Check the sample code below.

The code above uses the parameter position to indicate the index position of the action bar item that you added on the right side of the action bar. If you want to specifically point to the action bar’s id, use the item parameter instead using item.getItemId() as the parameter in the switch area.

The “default” points to the home button (located on the left most).

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