Here is my XML file to rotate an image in 360 degree movement.

To apply it to the ProgressBar and use it as the moving spinner, do it like this:

I have read some posts in forums that they had issues with the smoothness of the rotating animation. In my case, I did not see any issue with it. Perhaps old versions of the Android operating system contributed as a factor? I tested this with JellyBean and it worked out quite fine.

Ashworth is well known for providing online schooling on any educational level at affordable prices. And when I say affordable, they cost typically 50% less than the average accredited online school which means more savings left to share with a spouse or dependent.

Education is important and vital to one’s future. Yet, while not everybody can go to a real school because of rising costs, Ashworth eases that limitation by offering their services online so any body can go schooling in the comfort of their home.

What I like with their services is that the tuition includes all books and course materials with zero interest financing plus very low monthly plans. Unlike other programs that require enrollees with student loan debts before they are able to graduate, Ashworth does not require that so this heavy burden of a requirement is excluded.

Military personnel can even find this advantageous because they can now graduate without debt due in large part to Ashworth’s low prices. They can pass their extra benefits to their loved ones in the process. Ashworth College is now enrolling students using the Post 9/11 GI Bill education benefits so if I were you, I would take advantage of this great offer now!

Majority if not all jobs these days involve technology. I even wonder what it would be like if technology never evolved to what it is now. When I first dabbled a course related to information technology during college, I never knew what to expect. I even noticed that companies who are in the i.t. industry do not offer retirement plans to their employees. Later on, I realized that people who are into i.t. have a bigger advantage. Even when they grow old they can still do sideline work because there are so many opportunities out there.

So then the question, where can one go to get an i.t. degree? There are many good schools in the nation that offer i.t. courses, the thing is I am sure you do not know all of them. Here is one way to sort this problem out. Check out this list of information technology schools so you can find out which one suits your preferences.

Check out each university’s information and details including what they are famous for and what they specialize in. There are many fields in information technology and focusing on a specific field would give you a better chance in landing a job specifically catered to that field.

Just use the search form on the side for a quick search listing on possible universities that may pique your interest. Check it out!

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