This game is more like a refined version of Metal Slug because the graphics are way better. The only problem is that I do not like the controls. I mean, if you have to make your character jump, you have to press the up arrow instead of a separate button to jump.

I think this game would have been good if they did not set a limit to a gun’s ammo. I totally lost my appetite playing this game when I chose to buy a rocket launcher and it fired at second intervals. What made it worse was that my enemies kept shooting at me and if my ammo on my other guns run out, it switches to a rocket launcher which gets me killed even more.

This game is pretty straightforward. A multinational oil conglomerate has discovered a new source of energy, and seeks to harness this power in order to establish a new (and very evil) world order. It is up to you to stop the conglomerate’s mercenary army, and restore freedom, opportunity, and justice to the world …

Choose from a variety of weapons and buy and upgrade them as you surpass each level because your enemies’ armor gets tougher as you go deeper into the game. If you like shoot ’em type of games like Metal Slug, then this is the game for you.

I saw some comments that they finished the game in an hour or so. I am not so sure about that. Those who do not want to hard press when playing the game may find it hard to enjoy it. But if you have no regard what happens to your iTouch if you press it hard because your character does not move the way you want it to, fire away. You might enjoy the game.

For me, the controls really were not to my liking so I cannot say I enjoyed playing this game the first time. I might give it another go at some point.

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