Anyone looking for a new laptop has their own preferences in terms of manufacturer, operating system and other hardware; but when you’re looking for a new laptop for professional purposes it’s important that you look into what is genuinely important to you in terms of productivity as well as ease of use.

A graphic designer, for example, isn’t going to be looking for any old run-of-the-mill laptop that can be bought for budget price from a local electronics retailer.They are going to be looking for the type of device that enables them to show off their creativity and provide some amazing work for their clients using the latest and greatest devices and software. You can click here to find out more information about these kinds of laptops.


Graphic designers will be looking for very specific, specialist features, hardware and software to help them keep everyone happy – bosses and customers included – and to produce a piece of work that they’re genuinely proud of. If you’re a complete beginner moving into the industry, maybe going off to University to study a course in graphic design for example, you want to start out by looking into RAM.

RAM relates to the amount of memory on the device and will affect how many programs you can have open at one time, both in use and running in the background. In the early stages of your career, you may want to start off with a relatively low amount of RAM until you develop your skills and move into the industry full-time. At that point, you’re likely to learn about all the new programs and tools that are available,which may mean you need to upgrade your laptop or invest in more memory.

Until then, the screen size is particularly important. While many people are looking for something smaller and lighter, anyone working in graphic design is still going to need a screen that is large and clear enough for them to do their work with relative ease. In this instance, a small screen would be more of a hindrance than assistance because you would have to stop working to zoom in and out or move the part you’re working on into the centre of the screen. A rough guide for someone working in graphic design – or similar industries – would be to look for a minimum 15-inch screen (measured diagonally from corner to corner).

One of the best laptops released only this year that would be great for graphic designers, as well as those looking for a device that they can use recreationally, is the IdeaPad Y510p from Lenovo. It’s got all the spec you would expect to find on a desktop PC, and adds further weight to the argument that the desktop might be a thing of the past with laptops and tablets taking their place. The IdeaPad has a 2.4GHz Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM and the latest Windows 8 operating system. Suitable forgraphic designers as well as for those looking for entertainment from their laptop as it is great for gaming, watching films and has great sound quality for playing music too.

ecommerceWhen it comes to website design ecommerce, many people are not really sure where to begin. Although many people have an idea of the kind of online business they want to start, they are unsure about how they can go about making that business a reality.

The best thing to do when you are unsure about how to start a particular website is to go to and take a look at the tools that they have when it comes to building an new ecommerce site. Once you have all the tools that you need, you can then think about how you are going to get new visitors to your website.

You need to actually be offering something that is not already available on the Internet, so you should look into that before doing anything else. There is no reason to build a website if another version of that website already exists on the web.

Unless you are able to offer some amazing feature that is not found on the other website, there is usually no way that you are going to be able to win. Once you have carved out your own little niche on the Internet, you can then look into what kind of design you are going to use on your site.

It is important to make sure that you are not simply copying the style of someone else’s website because you need to give your visitors something special and new when they visit your site for the first time.

The Goldtouch stand alone USB Numeric Keypads are the perfect ergonomic accessory for number crunchers. Okay, so you may think I am biased or something. But check out these features:

The separate numeric keypad allows computer users to comfortably position the keypad within arm’s reach thus eliminating awkward arm and shoulder positions.

That alone, the comfort factor is a huge attractive feature health wise. The 22 Key Goldtouch numeric keypad is available in black and white and can be used for PC and Mac versions.

These have been engineered to the highest standards of quality. Proof of these is because through extensive 3rd party studies and over a decade of use, their product lines have been tested and proven to help prevent and reduce workplace injuries, increase productivity, lower absenteeism and bring greater comfort to computer users across the globe.

But that is not all. Gold Touch also offers ergonomic keyboards, ergonomic mice, other numeric keypads, laptop and tablet stands, mouse pads and wrist rests, bundles and ergo suites. And I recommend you buy them straight from their online marketplace.

The price is cheaper compared to what you can find in retail stores. Check it out. These kinds of numeric keypad can definitely help give you comfort when using them.

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