I am a huge fan of Dragon’s Lair. Naturally, when I learned that there is a game for the iTouch, I immediately got hold of it and played the game. Sad to say, this game is not a game. All you do is just press the directional and sword buttons whenever it lights up, guiding Dirk the Daring his every actions with the ultimate goal of saving the princess.

While this kind of game play is not my type, I did give it a try because I hoped to watch all the scenes from start to finish once the game ends. Unfortunately, I cannot understand why I keep going back. I already tapped on the treasures whenever they light up on the screen but I still end up going back to previous levels.

So I stopped playing it and removed it from my device. If you have the patience to play the game, then go ahead. It can be frustrating because there will always be points in time where you will look at the animation sequence rather than concentrating on which button will light up. A mere split second and it is game over for you and you go back to the beginning of the level.

As much as I like this cartoon series, this game for the iTouch is disappointing. I do not recommend this to you.

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