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It had been said that we all are related in a way, considering that from a religious standpoint, remember Adam and Eve?

Still, science has made advancements over the years to give way to technologies like ConnectMyDNA. Fromthe name itself, one might mistake it as some sort of ancestry test. Not it is not.

Think of ConnectMyDNA™ as your very own personal fingerprint where the green markers and their position around each ring represent the unique values found in your DNA.

This design allows you to accurately compare through the use of a Gene Ring, a revolutionary new product that defines a new era in DNA history enabling you to see your genetic profile and compare it to friends, family and people around the world.

The Gene Ring serves as your very own unique DNA profile. No one else will have the same profile as yours. After all, that is the essence of DNA, right? There is no sensitive information provided by the ring so that you give you some piece of mind when it comes to privacy.

There are also a bevy of other tools to compare your DNA to other people whom you do not even know. Who knows, someone out there may just resemble a match close to your DNA. That would be awesome, right?

I am sure you are heavily connected with other people in Facebook whom you really do not know. Who knows, maybe you really have some sort of common connection. Wouldn’t it be fun to find out if it is possible?!

You can try this discount code to start with: IZEA290512. With this, you can get a reduced price down to $29.00.

There are instances that I have pondered about how closely related other people really are to me. I am sure there are also times when you have thought about it. ConnectMyDNA now makes this possible for us to do so.

I have Chinese blood and I have no idea who the people are on my great grandmother and grandfather’s sides are considering that they came to where they are now because of World War 2.

I think it would be great to find out who they are, even within my generation. At least the power of social networking can let everybody keep in touch wherever they may be.

Your orders will be tracked through serial numbers, which some may mistake it for tracking your name. So keep that in mind.

ConnectMyDNA™ contracts exclusively with one of the world’s leading DNA testing facilities located in the USA. Through our exclusive agreement, we are assured of the highest level of quality and  utilizes current databases that represent the modern world population structure.

You too can discover more about yourself from the inside out. Use the free discount code to take advantage of the benefits that ConnectMyDNA gives.
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