2 Ways To Create Multiple Passive Income Streams On Docstoc.Com

Nowadays, the document sharing sites are considered among one of the most important parts of internet marketing as they play crucial roles in off-page marketing. Docstoc.com, Slideshare.com, Scribd.com are some of the most popular ones among them. However, these websites didn’t seem to be great resources for making money until DocStoc.com launched it’s DocCash program; that lets a publisher earn money from the revenues they earn for the company through AdSense. AdSense is the most revolutionary advertising platform launched by the search engine giant Google. For thousands of marketers, AdSense has been the main method or resource of making money online. You can also create passive income streams using AdSense program; here you will learn how to do that using DocStoc.com.

2 Ways To Create Multiple Passive Income Streams Using Docstoc.Com: A Walkthrough

Revenue sharing has become a very popular concept in last couple of years as it lets both party (the webmaster and the publisher) make money at the same time. Any webmaster who has a high traffic website can think about multiplying their income by getting more posts through revenue sharing incentives. At the same time, publishers who don’t have time to build an audience or create their own websites can take a chance to earn revenues with the contents. DocStoc.com is such kind of platform; but you get a bonus method to make passive income here. Let’s talk about those two methods:

#1 Google AdSense revenue sharing method

This is considered as the basic method of making money with this website. It appears to be an opportunity for everyone. You can actually publish anything unique on the website and make money for the views generated by the content you have published. DocStoc shares 50 percent of the revenues earned from your content on Google AdSense program. The amount of money will depend on the amount and quality of the content you’ve shared. Make sure you’re always considering quality over quantity. A case study shows 1000s of documents make less money that 5 high quality documents. You have to set up your own goal to make a decent passive income from the revenue sharing program on the website. The best part is – the site is ready for SEO and all the major search engines. You just need to insert the right title and keyword to get organic exposure!

#2 Selling documents on DocStoc.com

People love using DocStoc.com because of it’s flexible, highly incentive offer of selling the documents at your own price. You can literally sell anything you want; you just need the right audience to find the document. Webmasters are always hungry for high quality, niche related content and this wonderful platform can get you a golden opportunity to sell the product as if you’re a vendor. Very interesting, isn’t it? However, DocStoc.com is very strict about the quality and copyright issue when you’re trying to sell something. So be careful and start making passive income using this platform.

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