If you like to make money online, you should look into buying and sell unique domain names. Many large and small business owners are looking for a good domain name that will drive traffic and remain memorable to their customers.

Colleges and universities also like to purchase domain names to ensure that their name is not sullied by those who want to put up lewd pictures of students or promote their athletics department in an unauthorized manner.

Selling domains can also become profitable if a certain domain that you own becomes a pop culture staple. You never know if a domain name that you own will all of a sudden share the same name as a popular TV show or meme that goes viral across the Internet.

A domain that you purchase for pennies could be sold for thousands of dollars to someone who is looking to cash in on the sudden popularity.

Private domain registration at Register.com allows you to register as many unique domains as you need. Whether you are a private business, a college or just a guy who wants to claim a domain name before anyone else does, that is the site that you want to go to claim your name.

domainpromocodesWell, this caught me off-guard. Domain Promo Codes just launched their new theme and I have to say this looks way better than its old design.

It is more neat and I find how the data is displayed as less clutter. In fact, I love surfing their site now more than ever.

If you do not know about Domain Promo Codes, they are one of my favorite coupon sites that hosts a ton of Name.com Promo Codes, Godaddy Domain and Hosting Promo Codes and many others more.

I just noticed now that they have a widget available that webmasters can use in their site to draw more visitors. The widget offers high quality live promo codes in real time. This adds value to a website because it can attract users on a daily basis.

Visit the site now and start surfing for coupon codes that interest you to be able to save more!

Well, I said in some ways because I am not sure if other services of Google are not like the one I am currently having a problem with.

A week ago, I received an email that they auto-renewed the domain that I registered. I had totally forgotten about that domain because I barely used it. I was not even expecting that the default setting in their web console for managing the domain for auto renewal was set to true.

So anyway, I called up my credit card company and they said the only way to waive the transaction is to call up the merchant.

Then I started sifting through Google’s help pages only to find out there is no way to contact customer support.

I mean, what the hell?! They put up a Contact link only to be diverted to useless pages where you have to read and read and read on possible solutions but not even 1 link that redirects me to a form so I could voice my complaint and have them cancel the auto renewal transaction.

Well, guess I just have to live with it. To be on the safe side, I deleted my credit card information in my Google Wallet account. That way, I won’t be screwed up with their unbeknownst to me default settings. If I want to buy something, then I will add my credit card information and delete it right away after the transaction.

Google screws customers in some ways and can never be trusted

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