doraDon’t get me wrong. I did not install this in my iTouch so I could play it. But I did it for my niece and nephew who always wants to get hold of my iTouch whenever we have some gatherings. I am sure they enjoy any kind of Dora game as would any kid who knows Dora.

In this game, the greedy king has taken the color crystals from the Crystal Kingdom and hidden them! Dora needs your help to ride on a magic shield to collect all the crystals and bring color back to the Crystal Kingdom. Get ready to ride the rainbow and save the Crystal Kingdom with Dora.


The game is very simple. Using the iTouch’s tilting mechanism, you swerve left or right to collect all the crystals. To add more features to the game, a special coloring book application is included so kids can explore their creativity using the color crystals to color the Crystal Kingdom. Tutorials are very easy to understand. Sound effects like their voices are the same as in the show and cut scenes based on the episode.

My niece and nephew simply went gaga when I showed them this game. Anything Dora, it is always fun for kids!

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