A quick glance from the name itself can be mistaken for a PHP resource site. You know, that server side programming language that many developers use. Upon visiting PHPRiot I found out that it actually is also a resource site but that of software downloads and such.

phpriot is literally filled with different kinds of software of various categories like anti-virus, browser, utilities, videos and many others. There are freeware and even full versions available too so there is a big chance that the software you are looking for can be found here.

To sum it up, PHPRiot protects and guarantees security in the collection and processing of the data that is affected through this site as well as the strict compliance with the current policy with regards to data protection. The following paragraphs inform about our procedures of data collection and processing.

Majority, if not all of the software found in this portal is of the Microsoft Windows variety so this is a pretty good place to start when one is looking for certain or specific types of software. Just hit search to find out if it is available or not.

Or, if you wish to look at what is available just select which category you want to peruse the list.

PHPRiot gives users the chance to get software easily whether they are free or the full version variety.

Download MP3s for almost free! That is right. Free! Surprised? Before, I was. I thought that when the good old days when Napster reigned supreme and shut down it was the end of free music. They say piracy is illegal. True. But piracy is kind of a broad subject that every action has to be identified if it is illegal or not.

There are services such as BearShare that offer free music downloads. And this is not piracy, nor illegal. These are legit. To begin with, not everything is for sale. Some are just free, even those music from well known artists. What about the other songs then, you ask? They have this business rule to implement a sort of premium service where you can buy songs at very cheap prices. Think iTunes. Their business model revolves around this one but I do not like iTunes because I am restricted to find any music I like using only that software. And I am no fan of iTunes, using it only to sync apps.

What is a good alternative? I believe there are others that follow this business model yet offers tons of free music downloads to your device or desktop. I can recommend you to check out BearShare because even I have used it to get free downloads. If you have used peer to peer softwares then you won’t be a stranger to this one because it works the same way.

Amongst its attractive features include faster downloads, millions of songs to download and listen to, the ability to buy songs, state of the art search tools and other music related features like playlists, moods, artist biographies and discographies.

When you look at the service closely, you will find out that it is not just a peer to peer network. It is also a community where you will be able to interact with other users. Oh yeah, you also do not have to worry about possible spyware, malware and other viruses because this software is free from any of those.

Some countries do enforce strict rules regarding piracy and illegal downloads. If you are afraid, then play it safe. Otherwise, there really is nothing to worry about using this service. Download to your heart’s content. If songs you find offer premium prices, a few cents won’t hurt.

Using Google can be a bit of a hassle to search for music. A software where you can do a lot of other things other than searching is surely a great compliment to get free music downloads.

Let me know what you think about this article I read in ABC News. While the iPod has come to symbolize the digital music age, it is iTunes that has allowed Apple to control the musical marketplace.

iTunes has a nice interface, it is easy to learn, and it is ubiquitous: it ships with every Mac, and it is one of the most downloaded Windows programs around (well … people are forced to anyway as it is the only medium to sync your iphone, itouch and ipods). Other companies may make great phones and music players, but they do not have the desktop software to sync your music, apps, and photos.

That is why Palm worked up a hack last year to connect its phones to iTune, and why Apple quickly shut down the workaround. So iTunes users are required to download music from iTunes then sync it to their music. That is how it goes. But pretty soon, the digital landscape may change.

Google Android phones already do lots of stuff wirelessly because the OS is tied to your Google account, most of your data flies over the Internet and you do not even need to plug the phone into your computer to upgrade its operating system (which you have to do with an iPhone).

Soon Android will be completely untethered. An upcoming version will let you buy apps and music from any computer: the files will then appear instantly on your phone. The best part, though, is that Android will let you play all the music on your computer without syncing your hard drive to your phone.

You can do this by installing a small app on your desktop that will send your music – whether it is in iTunes, Windows Media Player, or anywhere else – to the Internet. (This only works with non-copy-protected music, which means pretty much everything except audiobooks.) Once the files are online, your phone will have access to your entire music library whenever you’ve got an Internet connection.

Google always impresses me with their innovations. Apple does too, but lately, their arrogance has disappointed me. Their actions as of late resembles what Microsoft does. Closeness, rather then openness.

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