This is actually my very first product review. But before I begin, I would like to tell you that since all I have to say about iBallz may be positive, this is not biased. Before I even received the item, I was already amazed and impressed with this accessory. This is the only the second time with which my interest piqued because of the purpose that it gives (the first one being the Eye-Fi).

So what is an iBallz? It is an accessory that features 4 balls with strings attached in between that can be stretched to fit any tablet device and this does not apply to iPads alone. Even Android tablets apply here since the strings can be stretched and fit on to any kind of tablet size. The main purpose of the iBallz is to protect your tablet from being damaged in case you drop it.

Other than that, you can also use the iBallz to place your tablet in a sort of slanting upright position so you could do some typing on it. Not bad right? The iBallz also works great with an accompanying lid, satchel, soft sleeve or hard case, whichever you like.

To see is to believe right? Check out the video demo below so you can see the iBallz in action. Again, this creation is absolutely brilliant! Apple devices are like jewelry. As much as possible it is best to accompany your tablet device with something that can protect it from damage anytime. The iBallz is a very good complement!

technoratiTsk. So I guess it is confirmed. When my site went down because of the hosting provider’s system maintenance and upgrades, it affected my Technorati ranking immensely. I was surprised that most rankings in my sub-domains went down to more than a million. That is a pretty big leap. I thought, maybe Technorati’s side had a glitch or something. After a day, the rankings went back up. But not as near as the ones that my blogs currently had. One even had around 70k+ in rank and now it is at around 170k+.

Boo to my hosting provider. I emailed them about the downtime and they even told me that my sites should not be affected. Yeah right. Look what it did to my Technorati rankings. What a bummer. It will take months for me to get the Technorati rankings that I had before. Sigh*.

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