This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Charter. All opinions are 100% mine.

Speed is the IN thing these days when it comes to the internet. Gone were the days where dialup ruled. DSL is the way to go! And with Charter’s high speed internet, there is no more waiting. Why? For one thing, I do not want my downloads to last many hours, nor my online gaming to crawl slow while my enemies torture my character because their internet is way faster than mine. With Charter, i get blazingly fast broadband internet speed and I can do more without delays.

For internet packages as low as $19.99, the speed is just amazing. Plus I got a free installation out of it too! And I tell you based from experience that considering I am a developer, I need fast internet speed to do research and download stuffs for my programming needs. If I had slow internet connection, it would take forever for me to find and do what I need.

People these days depend on the web for mostly everything like downloading, streaming, teleconferencing and many others. If you are looking for a fast internet service provider, I recommend Charter for you. Check for special offers in your neighborhood. stop waiting and get going! Bring your home to life with Charter high speed internet. Also add them up in Charter’s Facebook page to get the latest updates and special offers.
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macbookAfter searching through the net if this was possible, I never had any luck getting the solution. A friend of mine who is used to using mac related stuffs taught me how to have your iTouch use your Macbook’s DSL. I thought that you need a WIFI connection for your iTouch to be connected. Then again, his tip did the trick. Do the following.

Open System Preferences

  • Go to Sharing
  • Select Internet Sharing but do not check the checkbox just yet.
  • On the right side of the panel, there should be a label called “Share your connection from:”. That is your DSL. Set the values below “To computers using:” Airport and Ethernet. Make sure both of those are checked. If, say, Ethernet is not checked, then your Macbook will not have any internet connection.
  • Then select the start button to start your internet sharing.
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