So now that you have seen the iPad 2, what do you think about it? Do you plan to get one? While it was fairly obvious that they introduced a dual core CPU considering tablets of other brand makers already have it, they did not indicate any information regarding RAM.

So they made a white iPad 2 available which looks like a torn monitor screen of a Macbook. But I am really curious to know if the RAM is 1GB or just the same plain 512MB as the iPhone 4. If it is, it is disappointing. I knew that the iPad 2 will have some good new features (front/rear cameras, dual core, lighter and thinner body, etc.) that can make consumers tempted to buy them (even if the still cameras suck and their website shows high quality images instead of pixelized ones) but I think my desire to get an iPad 2 for my wife will have to be put on hold till I know that the memory RAM is indeed 1GB.

If it is just 512MB, then I will wait next year for the iPad 3 or whatever they plan to call it then. I will instead focus on getting myself a new Macbook Pro so I could get started on my iOS development. For now, it is a wait and see scenario for me.

You planning to buy one?

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