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Technology has evolved in so many ways that even non-techie people do not have to be technically inclined on specific technologies in order to create something that they want.

Back then, creating an e-commerce was no easy task. Although I am not saying it is easy nowadays, there are services that actually let you make one in a few easy steps.

Just click here and there and the rest is done by the eCommerce software system setting up databases, files and others. Now, even those who have no knowledge of programming can actually set up their own e-commerce sites with just a few clicks and start their online business in a jiff.

You might want to check out eDirectHost’s eCommerce Website Builder. It has everything you need in order for you to create your very own e-commerce site.

It supports quite a number of payment modes as well so you really do not have to worry about using APIs to link to those payment gateways. Everything is done behind the scenes. You only need to supply a few details and that’s it!

Here are a few features that you can expect when you use the website builder:


  • Mobile Website builder for cell phones.
  • designed for either informational or eCommerce companies.
  • with professionally designed pages so your site looks trustworthy and earns respect.
  • using web-based eCommerce software – there’s nothing to download.
  • without knowing HTML – if you can click your mouse, you can learn how to build a website.
  • that has unlimited pages at no additional charge.
  • with customized colors and images – make a website that looks like you want it to.
  • that includes hosting as well as website builder capabilities.
  • complete with site traffic statistics – know where your traffic is coming from and when.
  • using search engine submissions to promote it. at no additional charge.
  • with product catalogs and shopping carts so ecommerce sites can sell practically anything.
  • with image rotators, audio/video feeds, mailing list signup, and other impressive features for information and ecommerce sites.

Now, you do not have to pay anything yet if you just want to check out eDirectHost’s eCommerce Website Builder to see how it works and if it suits your requirements. They provide a 10 day free trial to let you get started.

I also like the fact that at any time you can cancel your subscription compared to other online providers that get you hitched for a year. This is typically a win-win situation for you considering that you are not hooked to paying for the remaining months if at any time you decide to cancel your subscription with them.

When you create an account with them, your website is not limited with regards to the number of files your site has to have. You can create an unlimited number of pages at no additional charge. Grow your website as large as you want it to be!

So why is worth checking out? They are a BBB Accredited Business after all which gives them the credibility and the assurance that they are not a scam and that their services are real.

Head on to the site now, select a design and start your 10 day free trial. It is easy, quick, affordable and professional. The days of expensive, complicated, technical websites are over!

You can check out a number of websites created by their existing client base so you can get a visual idea on some of the resulting websites that have been generated through the use of their simple eCommerce Website Builder.


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