Technology has influenced a lot of things and keyboards are one of them. No, not the computer Keyboards. I mean, those musical keyboards on musical instruments and the very instrument that one can think of right away is the piano.

While there are classical pianos, technology has evolved in so many ways that electric pianos in which short strings, metal reeds, tines or tone bars were used instead of long strings were introduced later on.

It did not take that long right? Man, how technology quickly bore fruit to electronic instruments thus paving the way for different types of music. There have been variations in the design of the keyboard to address technical and musical issues. One thing is certain, some may still like the instruments with classical keyboards while others like the electronic types since they are quite handy.

Technology did smokers a favor. While smoking itself is dangerous to one’s health no matter how moderately one smokes, electronic cigarettes came to be to lessen the health risks that people intake when they smoke cigarettes.

For one thing, it makes smoking healthier not just to the smokers themselves but most especially to those victim of passive smoke. If you remember or have heard of the line that second hand smoke is more dangerous.

Buying electric cigarettes can be a good start when planning to quit smoking. It substitutes the conventional tobaccos, cigarettes and pipes wherein there is no smoke coming out of the gadget. Nicotine however can be present or not along with the flavor of choice by the person who uses electric cigarettes.

Experts believe that electric cigarette is a healthier option because it does not contain the chemicals which can lead to cancer such as ammonia, formaldehyde, acetone, tar and many others. Electronic cigarettes instead contain safe liquid nicotine, totally the opposite of real cigarettes.

Also, this can be beneficial to smokers wherever they go since it can be used anywhere in the world unlike the conventional cigarette wherein there are some places and countries that implement a strict rule about smoking.

With smokeless cigarette, it does not produce smoke nor can it combust so it can be use anywhere. When inside bars or coffee shops, there is no need to go the smoking area because it does not have flame not it smokes.

Adding to the safety benefits, the e cigarettes have also been proven as a way for smokers to quit the habit as the level of nicotine can be carefully monitored thus giving the smoker the option of gradually lowering the level until one can quit without fear of withdrawals.

What do you think? They are better than conventional cigarettes right?

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