So you wonder why in your Android emulator, the Date is either behind or ahead once you set it with an epoch time.

Now, here is the thing. While the emulator’s Timezone setting is set to automatically sync, it won’t when in the Android emulator.

You will have to uncheck the setting and select a Timezone manually.

  • Go to Settings > Date and Time
  • Uncheck Automatic time zone
  • Select your desired time zone

That should do it. Your epoch converted Date object will then display the correct date.

Easy. Just download the zip file archive of Google apps and drag the file to the GenyMotion Android (formerly AndroVM) emulator.

Once you do, a popup will appear similar to the image below.


There should be a dialog box that will pop up informing you that the file you dragged and dropped is a flashable archive. Just click ok to continue.


After that you should be able to get another popup dialog that says something like “Unfortunately, Google+ has stopped”. Just ignore the message.


Check out your emulator again, you should be able to see those Google Apps installed in your emulator. However, you may need to start your emulator in order for any Google App not to give out error messages. I tried to go on with logging in to the Play Store without restarting the emulator and it kept giving out error messages.

Once the emulator is restarted you should be able to see messages of the emulator finsihing installing the Google Apps to the system.

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