I remember when DVDs were still new it was practically not easy encoding them to computer formats. While there were softwares available for that purpose, the steps to do them was not as easy as 1-2-3. How lucky people are today that such softwares exist to simplify video and music encoding with just a few clicks.

I tried some softwares here and there but most of them are expensive in my opinion that I never thought as practical. I tried out one of them called Daniusoft Media Converter and here is my take on this software: easy as pie. It just is so easy to use. Load the DVD, find the DRM and remove it, add videos, configure some settings and click the start button. It’s that easy! Everything is done for you while you wait.

It supports various input and output formats that are too many name. You can check the website to see a full list of all formats supported. The software is also not too big. Less file size means more hard drive space for you. Plus the application does not eat too much resources like CPU usage. The conversion time also takes less to finish compared to some other software encoders I tried before.

And the good news is that the latest version now supports transferring music and videos to iPhone or iPod without the use of iTunes plus support of importing MTS files is now part of it. Check out the screenshot on the user interface of the application. Simple as it is, easy to use and produces effective encoding results.

Handy javascript functions to encode and decode strings.

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