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After that, you can meet and speak to any of the tutors for free. This is a great chance to experience their interactive online classroom where you will be able to see and speak to your tutor and discuss what you need.

Buy a lesson when you have found the right tutor for you. You can buy an individual lesson or receive a discount by buying a block of lessons. You can also get £25 off a lesson with our reward scheme every time you tell a friend. They will also get £25 towards their first lesson!

Tutors set their own prices depending on their experience. This means you get the best for your money. Learn English online now!

This seems to be a common problem for newbies who switcher their Android stock roms with Cyanogen’s rom. The Android Market app keeps on crashing especially if you tap the search function.

To solve this issue, go to settings >language & keyboard > and change language to English. That’s all.

Problem solved.

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