A friend sent me an article regarding Facebook accounts. Once you have an account, there is no way to wipe your details inside their servers. Their system archives your information and keeps them and there is no way to wipe off everything in case you want to cancel your Facebook account. Not unless, maybe keep pestering customer service about it. This resulted in lots of users complaining about privacy as there is a tendency that your account with details could still be seen. Facebook’s reason was to give users the option to have everything back in place if they want to re-activate their account. The article mentioned other social bookmarking sites like Friendster having a delete button to wipe off everything in case the user wants it. I don’t believe so, because for all we know, our information is still being kept and there is just no way for us to actually see the profile. Whatever reason these sites have, there is only one solution to avoid complicating problems with your profile. Never divulge everything out to the public.

Comment from Facebook: “He also outlined some of the difficulties that Facebook has had as it has grown – and he wasn’t talking about server scalability issues, either. When Facebook was started, he explained, it was geared towards the US college student niche, making it easy to so the problems associated with that, as they didn’t have to worry about blowback from other types of people when an adjustment was made. Now that they’ve grown to 67 million active users, the diversity has made the site a whole different animal to manage.”

– This should not be used as an excuse. As a company, even when you have set a defined target audience range, your goals and views will always expand. Hence, you should be ready with situations like these. It’s a lame excuse that they brought out.

For the link to the article, click here.

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