marketplaceI am pretty sure anyone who is a Facebook user knows what FarmTown is all about. We have other farm related type of games like FarmVille, FarmCity, Farm Pals and what’s next? FarmState? FarmWorld? FarmUniverse? More or less their gameplay is the same. The object of the game is to plow your land, place some plants and harvest them. The more you do that, the more your level goes up.

Higher levels mean access to big money plants and lavish structures like mansions. They also have this so called awards thing that requires you to pass through a set of requirements like having 25 neighbors will give you an award. They also have this rule that if you hire someone else to harvest or plow your land, you save more. If you also visit other farms and do chores, your experience level goes up.t

I never imagined myself playing this game. I always said to myself I will not be tempted to play this game. It was after I fiddled witht he idea of trying out the Naruto Facebook game that I started to check out other flash games that can be played in this social networking site. I am not really that hooked to it but I do check on it at least twice a day.

There is really no goal in this game. Just that the higher level you have, the more access you have to a variety of props to make your farm look good. If you want the shortest route and get lots of cash righta way, you can buy some via PayPal. If not, then it is the long route for you. Plow and plow, harvest and harvest and expand your lot. The game is simple yet enjoyable to play.

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