Out of all the web browsers tested by Tom’s Hardware, Google Chrome came out on top. Some of their findings are as follows: Internet Explorer’s failure to adhere to Web standards (Acid3) which is not surprising to me, Opera’s gluttony for RAM and Safari’s strong performance versus much newer versions of the other browsers.

According to them, Safari did not live up to its boast of being “the world’s fastest web browser”. Apple’s product was beaten by Opera, and owned by Chrome. While Opera came close to living up to its claim of being “the fastest browser on Earth,” close just isn’t good enough. Google Chrome is the real speed king.

What these benchmarks do not reveal is the usability (or overall end-user experience) of these browsers. The staggering number of customization options available for Firefox, or the almost constant (and insufferably bothersome) prompting in Internet Explorer are just two examples of what cannot be benchmarked. Security is also a major concern, and something that was not tested during their test run. They focused purely on speed and performance, and in those fields, Google Chrome took the gold.

And I have to agree with that. Because I use Chrome all the time ;).

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