When it comes to coated and adhesive films, Tekra comes to mind. And this does not come from a biased point of view. Tekra stands today as a leading worldwide supplier of top quality scratch resistant hardcoat films and adhesives as well as a manufacturer of proprietary and custom coated plastic substrates.

This did not happen overnight that is for sure. It is because through more than 5 decades of technical expertise in this field and industry, they have become where they are now: as a leader and full service distributor of high performance uv resistant plastic films and adhesives.

They also manufacture a bevy of other products like digital imaging films coatings, nameplates and labels, automotive clusters, membrane touch switches, medical diagnostic test strips, point of purchase signs, telecommunications equipment including a host of other consumer, commercial and industrial products.

Got the curiosity bug itching on you? You can request a free sample from them so you can see their products firsthand and you can check the high quality materials that make up for it. If you have no idea where to start, their staff can help you in researching and choosing the best, most cost effective film and adhesive for your particular project.

Conversion, coating and lamination, any of these 3 capabilities are catered by Tekra. They are the experts. They know what is best. Feel free to inquire and seek assistance. They did not become the industry leader in this area for nothing. Customer satisfaction is the number of priority. Without their clients, Tekra would be non existent.

What is admirable with Tekra is that they also involve in green energy savings projects thereby helping the environment while still producing high quality products for clients and the industry. Visit the site now to know more about their products and how you can start by requesting a free sample.

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