This game is not that big, but boy did it take me some time to finish this. And a cheat because I really got stuck with that first clock hand. And I am sure that majority of those who play this game really got stuck there.

I also got stuck with the last part because I did not understand what symmetry meant in the game but I did manage to solve it based on a hunch.

Escape Room: Strange House is like Myst, where you move around the house where you got locked in because of your curiosity on rumors of the most eccentric man in the city.

You try to find your way out by solving puzzles, looking for interesting objects that may help you unlock the door and bolt yourself to freedom.

The graphics are amazing for such a simple game. Overall this game is small and I am sure that those who were lucky to finish it so early would be dying for more levels. Still, I recommend this to all Android gamers to go give this a download.

I did enjoy this one pretty much. If you get stuck, well there is always Google to help you out ;).

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HTCEVOSHIFT_GCVS_settings menu.jpg (5 documents)HTCEVOSHIFT_GCVS_settings menu.jpg (5 documents)

It seems that this has become a necessity these days. And with the way smartphones work, having a feature where one can find his/her phone if it gets misplaced is certainly very helpful. For Sprint subscribers, this comes surely as a welcome news.

They have released an app for Android, Blackberry and select feature phones called the Sprint Total Equipment Protection App that lets Sprint owners locate the phone, sync contacts, remotely wipe the phone, lock it or even sound an alarm.

This app is for Sprint Total Equipment Protection (TEP) subscribers so if you are one, then I recommend you download this app. You will have until August 30th to enroll so be sure to do it as soon as possible because there is a limited time open enrollment aspect of this offer.

Nobody’s perfect and sooner or later there will be cases where you will misplace your phone or worse, lose it. For $8 a month, I would say having this feature is worth it. There are no added costs so you should not worry about any hidden charges that you fear may come with it.

Think about how this app can make your life easier knowing that you can always have the chance to find your phone if it gets lost or stolen, right? Check out the video below.

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The image in this post shows how the highlight matching code works with a JTextPane. But actually, the code uses a JTextComponent so either a JEditorPane, JTextArea or JTextPane will work with this code.

Type in the word that you want to find, then press the FIND button and it will highlight all words matching it. The highlight matching is case insensitive so if you want to make it case-sensitive, just remove the part of the code where toLowerCase() is called.

To use the class, just do it like this:

And here is the source code for the WordEditorSearch class.

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