Warning: The following contains spoilers!

This is probably going to be my longest post because the game itself is a very big one. This game is actually a port from the original console game released last 2004 then to other platforms like Windows and to mobiles later on.

I tell you I was surprised when I first installed it because it needed 1.7GB of data in order for the game to be run. It is very big but I have to let you know that you will not be disappointed with this game. It is funny, fun, exciting and addicting.

I also like the fact that there is no delay loading the game. You do not get to see progress bars loading the next scene if the game switches to another location or so.

This game is in a 3D environment with the player watching his only controllable character from an overhead vantage point, better described as an action adventure game than a traditional role-playing video game because there are no character classes or inventory management.

I like how you can get all items you come across with and keep it right away without worrying your inventory getting full and having to discard some of them. You only need to buy armor and weaponry in stores to upgrade them.

As much as possible, you need to find all tokens so your character stats will be upgraded for free. While upgrading to a level is pretty slow, the only way I finished the game was to become an archer while my summons did the melee attacks. If you want to quicken the level ups, I think the in-app purchase is the way to go.

Even though I played this in easy mode, I have to tell you it ain’t that easy. It used to start off easy but as you get deeper into the game, things get pretty hard. I had a hard time fighting off finfolks in the underground river, the fight against the guardian Mannanan and fighting either Caleigh or Fionnach.

Yes, the funny thing about this game was that I was surprised when Bard reached Fionnach, he revealed Caleigh is a demon underworld queen kept prisoner and that the Bard was deceived. You then get to choose 3 options, side with Fionnach or side with Caleigh. The 3rd option is to ask advice from your summons which leads to siding with Caleigh still since their reason is because she is beautiful.

If you side with Fionnach, you get engulfed within Caleighs portal and fight her there. This was very confusing because the enemies were hard hitters I could barely focus what each character was doing. Plus the fact that all scenes there are red, it got hard to really fight against them.

If you side with Caleigh or take your summons’ advice, then you have to fight Fionnach. This was better because the environment is clearer compared to the underworld portal.

The only way I won against these two options were because of the Adder stones. Collect as much as you can and use them only in the end. The 3rd option of the Talent Caleigh gives you and your summons invincible options for a certain time so this was helpful in enabling me to finish the game.

Getting to Fionnach was not easy. You would have to go through 12 levels fighting the same kind of enemies you fought in previous levels. Ironic that Caleigh is the evil character here and Fionnach and his guardians still look evil. Made me wonder why those goons that I had been fighting against were all undead and monsters to begin with.


There were funny scenes too like those singing goblins and town folks and those break dancing zombies showing off against another group of zombies.

Overall, this game is fantastic! Even with the huge filesize this is very well worth it. The graphics are amazing, the game play is fun, controls are easy to get acquainted with and putting in humor made it interesting.

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